Charasi Tikka


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Charasi Tikka

Meat is ordered by the kilo at this reputable Old Town establishment, diners' selection then sent straight to the open kitchen to be cooked to their liking before their very eyes. Transparency is certainly part of the appeal, and so is the traditional ambience and authentic cuisine of Peshawar, where meats are cooked on low heat.


Meat is an essential constituent of Peshawari dining, which comes in two main configurations: as tikka (barbecue) or karahi (a variety of spicy curry). A common way to order is to select the variety and amount of meat, and have it cooked in your presence. Other typical regional dishes include chapli kebab (and other sorts of grilled meats), fried fish, rice-based Kabuli palaw, and further Pashtun specialties. If you're sensitive to spice, make sure to indicate your desired levels of heat when placing an order.